Do You Ever Feel Disconnected?

anxiety, depression

How does your body feel?

like i can’t feel my legs
my arms are sticks from my elbows down
i float through life with my head in a cloud
so much is happening, i feel worn out.

my heart is heavy, something squeezing in on my chest
my shoulders droop and i can’t rest,
i don’t sleep at night, i awake with a fright
then lie there for hours
mindlessly thinking of what is not right.

i eat and then realize i did not taste it at all
so i eat more and then feel bloated and distraught,
i hate my body, nothing is right
i am too fat, my nose too big, my hair too straight, my stomach to fat, my cheeks too red, sometimes i feel i would rather be dead.

Feelings of disconnection, disembodiment, dissociation are very common today. I have been working with these feelings myself throughout my life, and often with my therapy clients. Feelings of being disconnected and overwhelmed with… Continue reading

How to Stop Blushing and Turning Red

how to stop blushing

~Turning red, flushing, blushing, by whatever name, is embarrassing! People who have this condition start to avoid other people and social situations. Many people that blush easily become afraid to speak up in classrooms, meetings and groups of all kinds, and do not like to be the center of attention. Fear of blushing causes a downward spiral that hurts people’s performance at school and jobs, and all of their relationships begin to suffer.

I Healed My Blushing and I Can Help You

Starting in middle school, all through my teenage years, and well into adulthood I suffered from horrible blushing and social anxiety. I spent many years avoiding… Continue reading

The Art and Practice of Mindfulness

We can always benefit by being reminded to return to a state of mindfulness; to return to our wholeness and connection to all life. With so many advances of modern living, we have become disengaged from living from our optimal design.

To receive the many treasures of living a mindful life, we don’t need a whole new slew of… Continue reading

The Benefits of Spiritual Counseling

Early in my counseling practice I sensed that the true cause and cure of most all disease, especially emotional and mental dis-ease was mind-based or spiritual. After over 25 years in practice, I now feel certain of it.

Here is a Psychiatrist that came to the same conclusion… Continue reading