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Welcome! I am Timothy Long and my life’s passion is supporting people to create positive changes in their lives. For over 25 years I have been helping individuals, couples and families from around the world transform their lives, and live the lives they really want to live.

Would you like to feel more confident, experience greater intimacy, have more love and success in your life? Is low self-esteem, trauma, social anxiety, addiction, depression or fear holding you back in your work, career or relationships?

Confidence and self-empowerment are key to happiness and success in life. How would you feel and what would your life be like if anxiety, fear and self-doubt were no longer holding you back? Would you like to reach your highest potential? This is totally possible to achieve, and not as difficult as many people believe.

I am a holistic psychotherapist, relationship counselor and transformational coach. My gift is seeing and bringing out the best in people, helping individuals and couples breakthrough and resolve whatever is in the way of their health, success and happiness. I work with people of all ages to clear away the blocks, clear the causes of their suffering, anxiety, social anxiety, blushing, trauma, PTSD, fears and self-limitations. I help people build confidence and gain clarity. I provide guidance and support for people seeking fulfillment in their personal lives, relationships, careers, creativity and spiritual connection. This work is my passion. I love helping people become free and empowered.

How will you know if I am the right therapist, counselor or coach for you? It is easy, schedule a complimentary consult on my calendar, or call me at 303-817-1341. Sessions in-person in Boulder, CO, or by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp.


Social Anxiety: Are anxiety, fear, or panic attacks ruining your life? You no longer have to live with these debilitating conditions. Today there are compelling treatments that will transform your life and set you free!Trauma & PTSD: So many people are suffering from trauma, depression and addiction. If you are struggling with these issues and you feel trapped and unable to break free. I will help you free your self and heal your life.Individual Therapy in Boulder, CO: If you are struggling and you need effective counseling and coaching, I can provide you with compassionate support that will allow you to break free and achieve your full potential. My unique approach to therapy will enable you to transform your life! About Timothy Long: Psychotherapist and Coach, over 25 years in private practice. Call me at 303-817-1341 for a free inititial phone consultation. My therapy practice is based in Boulder, CO. I offer coaching assistance all over the world!Self-Expression: Find out how to deepen you connection to your creative being. Be confident and outspoken! "We are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance." - Japanese ProverbSoul Healing: Sometimes it is wisest to go beyond therapy and coaching and take a more spiritual and direct approach to healing. Prayer, journeying, meditation and other spiritual or mindful approaches can connect us with our deepest Self and heal some of our deepest wounds.Therapy Approaches: There is no one method of treatment that works for everyone. You are unique. If I had to define my approach to therapy, I would say it is heart centered and holistic. Together we will discover the best possible approach for you.


Perhaps it is one of the great blessings of life to find people who can see us shine when we don’t see it ourselves – Timothy certainly did that for me.” ~ Jennifer M., PhD.

“Thank you for such a great session yesterday. It was very revealing and productive for me. I love your creative approach to counseling.” ~ Dana

“I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your counseling you provided while I was first going into graduate school. You helped me find confidence in myself and get a hold on my anxiety at a time that I was unsure I was capable of going through with continuing school. I’m writing you to let you know that I graduated this week from the CU graduate school as a Doctor of Audiology in the class of 2020. I am now working as a federal audiologist helping Veterans with hearing loss. This would not have been possible without your counseling sessions. I continue to use the things you taught me in those sessions to deal with stressors, to this day. I’m counting the blessings in my life and reaching out to people that have helped me along my journey, and you were one of the first on that list. Thank you for all you do and the impact you made on my life. I hope this finds you well and certainly have you in mind if I am looking for counseling in the future.” — Eric Kinney, Au.D.

“I reached out to Timothy when I was desperate for help with my blushing.  While I had found success in my legal career as an in-house attorney, I continuously blushed in the workplace and felt embarrassed, weak, and inadequate.  I searched the internet for solutions when I came across the Imagine Healing webpage. I reached out to Timothy, and he promptly responded and set up our first session.  Timothy’s demeanor is calm, positive, and understanding, which made it very easy to open up to him.  Timothy worked with me for several months, and I came to realize how much some of my early relationships had affected me.  He taught me mindfulness techniques that helped me ease my anxiety and recognize my worth.  He also showed me how my blushing was the result of my own buried thoughts and feelings.  Releasing these thoughts and feelings through my sessions with Timothy led to a dramatic decrease in blushing.  Though I have stopped my sessions, Timothy’s impact in my life continues– I find myself in a much better place, mentally and emotionally.  I am extremely grateful for his invaluable help.  I highly recommend Timothy!  He truly heals.  ~ Sincerely, Megan”