17 Health Problems Linked to Stress You Want to Avoid

Improve your health by avoiding these 17 causes of stress.

17 Reasons to Avoid Stress

“Illness or pain is just an extension of negative emotions.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

Emotional and mental stress causes physical pain and illness. Where does the stress come from? It is easy to project it and say, ‘From work, from this person or that, because this happened, because I don’t have…..’

Though we would not be triggered and stressed if the cause was not rooted in our own negative emotions and thinking. Usually the root is subconscious and caused by unresolved trauma earlier in our lives.

I have seen many people clear up their physical pain and illness, and clear up the stress in their lives by discovering and clearing the roots of the stress within themselves through therapy. If you want to explore what is possible, visit my contact page and call me directly or email.

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