Addiction and Co-Dependency

Many people on a city street walking, large part of population has alcohol and substance abuse issues

Many people have alcohol and substance abuse issues

Addiction, substance abuse, addictive behaviors and co-dependency are very common and cause many people to struggle with life, cause stress, anxiety and depression. Addictions and co-dependency strain relationships and marriages. Will-power and 12 step programs are often not enough.

I successfully work with all types of addiction, substance abuse and addictive behaviors:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Food
  • Sex
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Technology
  • Porn
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Compulsive Behaviors

No matter what type of addiction you are suffering from, I can help you.


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We can choose to get help and end addictive behaviors and co-dependent relationships

Sometimes we are involved with someone who has an addiction and it is ruining or running our lives. Our entanglement with them is often co-dependent and can cause a lot frustration, hurt and suffering. I work with many people whose partner or family member has an addiction or addictive behavior.

Why do we get stuck in these relationships? More importantly, how do we reclaim our lives and how do we deal with these disruptive situations in a healthy way?

My Addiction Counseling Will Help You or the One You Love

“I am not the same woman who you met two months ago and my peace, happiness, and health are paramount to me and that will never change. You have been such a huge part of this fundamental change and I will be forever grateful to you for that.” ~ Elena

My approach to addiction counseling is holistic. We will address all aspects of the addiction, compulsion or addictive behavior as necessary. There is often a family history of addiction or co-dependent behaviors. Sometimes health conditions need to be addressed. In addition to being a psychotherapist, I also have a background in natural health, diet and nutrition, including natural hormonal and neurotransmitter balancing.

Are you suffering from an addiction or involved with someone who does?

Visit my contact page and sign up for a Complimentary Session to find out how I can help you. I have both personal and professional experience in many areas of addiction and co-dependent behaviors.