How to Cure Blushing and Social Anxiety without medication

how to cure blushing and social anxiety

I cured my severe blushing issue and my severe social anxiety. I have also cured many of my client’s blushing and social anxiety issues. I know how to cure blushing. I have a full time psychotherapy, counseling and coaching practice here in Boulder, Colorado. I also work with clients around the world effectively by Skype and FaceTime.

How did I cure blushing?

After suffering from extremely embarrassing facial blushing Continue reading

Social Anxiety, Blushing, & PTSD, and How I Overcame It

quote to overcome social anxiety, blushing and ptsd

Social anxiety, blushing, C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and depression ruled my life for many years. This is my story of how I overcame it. I not only overcame it myself, I have helped many people overcome social anxiety, blushing, PTSD, depression, and other mental-emotional traumas.

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Do You Ever Feel Disconnected?

anxiety, depression

How does your body feel?

like i can’t feel my legs
my arms are sticks from my elbows down
i float through life with my head in a cloud
so much is happening, i feel worn out.

my heart is heavy, something squeezing in on my chest
my shoulders droop and i can’t rest,
i don’t sleep at night, i awake with a fright
then lie there for hours
mindlessly thinking of what is not right.

i eat and then realize i did not taste it at all
so i eat more and then feel bloated and distraught,
i hate my body, nothing is right
i am too fat, my nose too big, my hair too straight, my stomach to fat, my cheeks too red, sometimes i feel i would rather be dead.

Feelings of disconnection, disembodiment, dissociation are very common today. I have been working with these feelings myself throughout my life, and often with my therapy clients. Feelings of being disconnected and overwhelmed with… Continue reading

Facial Flushing – How to Stop It!

The Embarrassment of Facial Flushing and Social Anxiety

I myself suffered from facial flushing (blushing) and social anxiety for many years. I now provide psychotherapy and teach people how to stop facial flushing. I have helped many people successfully resolve severe issues of anxiety, social anxiety, blushing, PTSD, all kinds of emotional and mental trauma, as well as relationship, confidence and self worth issues.

Turning red, facial flushing, blushing, by whatever name, is embarrassing! People who have this condition start to avoid other people and social situations. Many people that blush easily become afraid to speak up in classrooms, meetings and groups of all kinds, and do not like to be the center of attention. Fear of blushing causes a downward spiral that hurts people’s performance at school and jobs, and all of their relationships begin to suffer. The good news is, I know how to stop blushing and social anxiety.

I Healed My Flushing (Blushing) and I Can Help You

Starting in middle school, all through my teenage years, and well into adulthood I suffered from horrible blushing and social anxiety. I spent many years avoiding Continue reading