The Art and Practice of Mindfulness

We can always benefit by being reminded to return to a state of mindfulness; to return to our wholeness and connection to all life. With so many advances of modern living, we have become disengaged from living from our optimal design.

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The Benefits of Spiritual Counseling

Early in my counseling practice I sensed that the true cause and cure of most all disease, especially emotional and mental dis-ease was mind-based or spiritual. After over 25 years in practice, I now feel certain of it.

Here is a Psychiatrist that came to the same conclusion… Continue reading

Transform Your Life through Meditation


Meditation, the simple act of being consciously aware of your breathing, focusing on and sensing your body, tuning in deeply to your core self, and sensing the vibrations of other people and your environment – can radically transform your life and bring many positive benefits.

Many Positive Benefits from Meditation

Meditation was once a closely guarded secret in the inner…

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