5 Self-Help Tips to Solve Your Anxiety

tips to heal anxiety

Here are 5 more tips to solve anxiety, in addition to last week’s blog, 7 Ways to Quell Anxiety.

1. The worst thing is suffering with anxiety alone. I know I did this. And I hear from many of my clients that don’t even speak to their partners or spouses about their anxiety or blushing. It’s like we are trying to hide it all the time, which only makes it worse. By all means, speak to your family and friends about it. You will feel relieved and open yourself for support. You may be surprised to find out many of them are struggling with similar issues.

“We’ve been taught as children that we should not “burden others” with our problems. And finally we’ve been told that most everything is our own fault anyway, so what would we go to someone else with it? It was made very clear: we made our bed and now we have to lie on it.” ~ Neal Donald Walsch Continue reading

7 Ways to Quell Anxiety


Quell synonyms: calm, sooth, pacify, settle, quiet, silence, allay, assuage, mitigate, moderate.

Millions of people suffer from anxiety. Many have panic attacks and have such severe anxiety that it has a major negative affect on their work, relationships and sleep. Here are 7 ways to calm and sooth anxiety, and to mitigate and moderate it. Prevention is key. Practice these 7 tips not only Continue reading

Create a Shift, Happiness is a Choice

woman pulling back cloudy dark sky to reveal blue happy sky underneath and it says happiness is a choice

This blog is for anyone that often or ever finds themselves feeling unhappy, stuck, depressed, angry or upset. Did you know you can rather easily change how you feel and create a shift in your life? Easy once you know how, and it can be as immediate as you want.

Do you remember as a child you or a sibling or friend being in a bad mood? You or someone else in your life probably made it their mission to get you or them to laugh, break a smile, snap out of it? Sure, but you may ask, what about Continue reading

Should God Be Included in Psychotherapy?

God or Psychotherapy man in beach with sun setting

~I was recently emailed by a Long Natural Health client who wrote that she is in psychotherapy with a therapist that allows her ‘to include God in the process.’ She says that psychotherapy has been very helpful to her in getting off two medications and healing her life.

She asked if I include God in my psychotherapy? The answer: “Of course, I always have. I believe that is the number one reason for my high level of success.” My sessions are as spiritually orientated as my clients allow. Separation from God/Spirit is the number one reason for all disease and unhappiness.

By ‘God and spiritual’ I don’t mean religious. Many religious approaches to God are stuck in perpetuating shame and guilt. They also worship a God that is separate from us, out there somewhere apart from us. Whereas in truth, God and Heaven are right here with us, within and all around us. Our work is to recognize our divinity and become one with it. It is our separation from our Divine whole nature that is the root of illness and suffering. All disease and suffering is simply a call to return to our divine oneness with nature and God, to Love. Psychotherapy at its best is spiritual, and an exploration and healing of Continue reading