Energy Healing Methods

These approaches are for people that want to participate in their own self-healing and self-actualize their lives. These methods embrace holistic, mindfulness approaches, energy healing, soul and spiritual healing.

“The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.” ~ Plato

All healing eventually leads to soul or spiritual healing. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. If you truly want to be your healthiest and happiest, to find real fulfillment in life, your path will take you to your soul and spiritual self.

There are limits to traditional psychotherapy. Sometimes the issue is rooted on the energetic or spiritual level, and needs to be addressed here to be resolved. Energy healing is part of a holistic approach. I practiced for a number of years as a spiritual counselor and energy healer before I began practicing as a psychotherapist.


“After half a century in psychiatric practice, I know without a doubt that the source of addiction is spiritual deficiency. Irrespective of whether we are religious or atheist, all human beings are spiritual by nature and spirituality is the cornerstone of our recovery.”  ~ Dr. Abraham Twerski

view of the mountains and valleys at dawn or dusk, evoking spirituality, connection to soul, spirit, God

Connecting with our heart and spirit is the most important and powerful aspect of psychotherapy and healing.

Spirituality is core to every human being. All religious and spiritual beliefs are welcome in my practice, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or simply love Nature, or don’t think you have any spiritual belief at all. All humans desire love, inner peace and meaning in their lives. We are all energy and from a common source. Whether we are counseling or doing healing work together, we are always looking to strengthen our connection to our deepest core self, heart and soul.

Energy Healing

“The wound is the place where the light enters.” ~ Rumi

Sometimes it is helpful and wise to go beyond traditional psychotherapy and take a more holistic, spiritual or energy approach to healing. Spiritual or soul healing involves connecting to the Living Spirit, learning to use meditation and other spiritual or mindfulness approaches to connect with our deepest Self. Ultimately, the greatest healing and transformation takes place in our lives when we open to something greater than ourselves.

I mentor, guide and counsel people that wish to have a greater connection to their soul and Spirit.

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Mindfulness practices teach us how to manage our stress and anxiety. They also teach us how to live life. A great part of the suffering today is caused by people over using their logical-intellectual-mental minds. Mindfulness approaches teach us to be present in the now moment, where we will find the greatest healing and peace. This is the secret of health, success and happiness. Mindfulness practices teach us how to find inner peace, stay grounded and have access to our greatest power.

In my counseling and therapy practice, I often teach and facilitate mindfulness, through inner somatic sensing, focusing, and sensing energy throughout the body. I also teach people to become aware of their greater spaciousness, connection to both earth and spirit, and connection to their deep embodied, authentic, playful self.

“You have taught me many things, but one of the most important is that whenever I don’t know what to do or how I feel, I can quiet my mind and my spirit will lead me.” ~ Elena


photo of a person's eye in black and white, with a pupil that has all the colors of the rainbow, a person that meditates and has a mindfulness practice

Meditation and mindfulness practices reconnect us to our whole selves.

Meditation practices originate in both Western and Eastern traditions, in Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, ancient and native traditions from around the world. There are many types of meditation. I teach and encourage the essence of many meditative practices. I individualize and create meditation practices for individuals for different needs and purposes. Meditation can be done in many ways, not just sitting on a pillow cross-legged! Ideally, we want to live our lives ‘in meditation’, this is part of mindfulness and being fully aware, present and alive.

Some people use meditative practices to escape and disconnect from life, the body and feelings; as a spiritual escape or spiritual bypass. I discourage this sort of meditation. I teach meditation methods to increase connection and integration of body, mind, and spirit; to become more conscious and present with all of life.

Mindfulness and meditation practices can be very powerful tools to access, integrate and reclaim wounded parts of ourselves.


Conscious breathing is a major key to all healing and transformation. It is not only of great importance for all people with stress, anxiety, sleep, depression and trauma issues, it is central to all mindfulness practices, meditation, relaxation, stress management and holistic healing methods. I suggest and teach people to have a daily conscious deep breathing practice, until it becomes second nature.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation, journeying, guided imagery, active imagination and creative visualization are all very similar powerful ways to use the mind for self-healing, therapy and creativity. I teach and use these methods when appropriate with my clients and students. I think it is wiser and more effective than common hypnotherapy, and other forms of overly guided inner healing work. The most important components are learning to deeply listen, connect with, and co-create with the deeper Self.

Therapy and Healing that Supports Your Heart and Soul

My therapy, counseling and healing practice supports people in their personal and soul growth. I work with people to free themselves in all areas of their lives, and to create the lives they really want to live. I invite you to visit my contact page where you will find a number of options for contacting and working with me. How can I serve you?