Should God Be Included in Psychotherapy?

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~I was recently emailed by a Long Natural Health client who wrote that she is in psychotherapy with a therapist that allows her ‘to include God in the process.’ She says that psychotherapy has been very helpful to her in getting off two medications and healing her life.

She asked if I include God in my psychotherapy? The answer: “Of course, I always have. I believe that is the number one reason for my high level of success.” My sessions are as spiritually orientated as my clients allow. Separation from God/Spirit is the number one reason for all disease and unhappiness.

By ‘God and spiritual’ I don’t mean religious. Many religious approaches to God are stuck in perpetuating shame and guilt. They also worship a God that is separate from us, out there somewhere apart from us. Whereas in truth, God and Heaven are right here with us, within and all around us. Our work is to recognize our divinity and become one with it. It is our separation from our Divine whole nature that is the root of illness and suffering. All disease and suffering is simply a call to return to our divine oneness with nature and God, to Love. Psychotherapy at its best is spiritual, and an exploration and healing of our separation from God.

We are spiritual beings. The more we consciously include the Divine in all areas of our lives, the greater wholeness, health and happiness we will enjoy. Not including God, I think is the biggest reason psychotherapy does not help a lot of people and they are in it for years.

I believe all healing is soul healing. Many psychotherapists and other medical practitioners got God schooled out of them. For them it is not cool or intellectual to believe in God. Many are afraid to include God, they are afraid to offend their client’s religious beliefs or to be unscientific. Though spirituality is universal and goes beyond the specifics of religion. Many of our greatest scientists, such as Einstein, concluded that God exists and that a vastly superior intelligence than man’s is behind all of life. Which would be more obvious to people if they spent more time directly connected to nature and less time connected to technology.

Without question I include God in my sessions. I consciously open my mind and heart to the Divine upon waking, before entering my sessions with clients, and during sessions. I directly invite my client’s to meditate and to go within for answers and guidance. I encourage my clients to meditate at home, to pray, reflect and contemplate; to strengthen their connection to Spirit through the creative arts, writing, dance, and spending time in nature; to live a holistic and spiritually orientated life.

There is no power for healing and transformation greater than God’s. In fact no healing takes place without God. Therefore it is complete foolishness not to include God in psychotherapy, or any other form of healing or medicine. Besides teaching forms of healing mediation and how to connect to our higher selves, I also offer soul healing processes to deeply help people connect to their spiritual Self.

Some people take all this to the extreme and decide they will simply pray to God and don’t seek out help from anyone or anything. Denying our humanity and physical reality is also a denial of our spiritual reality. We were put on this earth together to help and serve one another. God is within and connects every single one of us. When I need help with something I seek assistance. I have received some great help from both doctors and psychotherapists. God was working through them. To open to healing and guidance through others is to open to God’s healing and guidance.

We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Most disease begins with separation from our spiritual selves, then moves down through the mental and emotional bodies, and eventually shows up in our physical bodies – until it gets our attention. All disease is simply a way of our higher nature getting our attention so that we can learn and develop ourselves. We are being asked to learn something, forgive something, realize something, let go or change something. Once disease (and life difficulties) show up in our physical bodies, they already exist in our emotional and mental bodies. We are wise to address them there as well.

As a therapist I am always looking to identify where the root of the issue is. We want to find the root and form a bridge to our other parts so that transformation can take place. I work on multiple levels to resolve issues, whereas many healers and practitioners isolate and focus on one area or specialty. This is one of the big reasons modern medicine is so inconsistent. It is always helpful and wise to include our souls and Spirit in the process of healing and in all of life. For this very same reason I bless my food and my supplements, and pray and meditate concerning all aspects of my life.

Psychotherapy is very highly valuable in healing all forms of physical, emotional and mental disease. Choose a psychotherapist or counselor that has a conscious, spiritual, God orientated approach to healing. In this way you will receive the most effective, speedy and lasting help and healing. Yes, include God in Psychotherapy!

Wishing you many blessings,

Timothy Long

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