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Social Anxiety Support-Process Group

Social Anxiety, Blushing, Self-Confidence, Self-Expression, Self-Image

For all ages (16 years and older), learn to become comfortable around other people. Through group discussion and sharing you will find support with people who struggle with these same issues. And there will be counseling and processes that will help you lower anxiety and fear.

  • Gain confidence when speaking to your friends, dates, partner, boss, teachers
  • Become comfortable speaking in front of people and groups, giving presentations, etc
  • Communicate with more ease with your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Learn somatic and mindfulness methods to lower anxiety and stress
  • End negative self-talk, self criticism and self judgement
  • Increase your ease of self-expression and creative expression
  • Join us in a safe environment and become free and comfortable speaking up anywhere at anytime.

The ability to speak freely, confidently with ease is essential for happiness and health; success in all relationships, life, school and career.

This supportive healing-process group especially welcomes anyone with social anxiety, blushing, anxiety, discomfort or fear speaking in public or private.

Facilitated by Timothy Long, Holistic Psychotherapist & Life Coach. He has over 25 years of experience in private practice, leading groups, and has personally suffered with social anxiety, blushing and self-confidence issues.

Join local Boulder group, or join long-distance group meeting by Video.

For more information, call Timothy Long at 303-817-1341 or email through the contact form.

“Timothy Long is an outstanding facilitator for people ready to be free.” ~ Carol

Energy Healing Process Group

Create the Life You Want to Live

What do you want to heal, change, transform? What part or area of your life is bringing dissatisfaction? Where do you want to grow and expand?

This group is not therapy. This is a energy healing process group. Mindful, spiritually-based energy healing.

Timothy’s healing groups are insightful, fun, empowering, experiential, process orientated, including meditation and healing methods that create energy shifts; creating integration and reconnection to the core, whole self.

  • Clear the mind and body of stress, tension, anxiety and fear
  • Create balance and empowerment
  • Connect with your higher self/source energy, ground to your body/earth
  • Receive insight, clarity, and learn practical, effective self healing methods
  • Experience guided mindfulness and transformative healing meditations

Facilitated by Timothy Long, Holistic Psychotherapist, Counselor, Coach and Energy Healer. Timothy loves the power of connection and transformation that happens in group settings.

Groups meet in Boulder, various other locations in Colorado, the US and Internationally.

For more information, call Timothy Long at 303-817-1341 or email through the contact form.  Inquire about having Timothy speak, teach or work with your group or organization.

“Meeting Timothy was the beginning of a rebirth for me, so to speak. The entire process was very powerful, and after it was completed, I felt like a great burden had been lifted off of me! It has been two months now, and I feel terrific in all ways. …thanks again Timothy, for being a healer, a teacher, and someone who truly cares about the well-being of others!” ~ Susan

“If you are interested in healing your life, and are willing to do the work, I can’t think of a better person to help you on your journey.” ~ Penny W.

Building Greater Intimacy, Connection, Support-Process Group

Mindful, Authentic, Supported Interactions; Healing Play-Process that frees self-expression and ability to enjoy socializing and communication with friends, family, work environments, organizations, one-to-one interactions and groups.

Safe, secure, well supported healing-growth process group, facilitated by Timothy Long, social anxiety expert, psychotherapist and coach.

Also available to work with your group, family, business, or private organization to raise the level of positive, effective interactions and communications.

For more information, call Timothy Long at 303-817-1341 or email through the contact form. Sign up for a Complimentary 30 min session to discover how this work and group can benefit you.