Transformation and Healing

Psychotherapy can be a tremendous help. Though we often need something more to reach our desired health and happiness. As part of my therapy and coaching services I help my clients discover and develop their creativity and spiritual connection, as well as claim their health on all levels of body, mind and soul.

Going Beyond Psychotherapy

Woman looking away in deep thought about emotional issues she is having in her life, considering alternatives to psychotherapy or coaching..

Are you looking for something more than psychotherapy?

There comes a time when seeing a therapist or coach is not enough. Psychotherapy is great to help us become free of confusion and overwhelm, to heal trauma, end depression, addictions and abusive relationships, or to figure out why we keep attracting the same old experiences and going around in circles.

Then there comes a time in our personal development when we need to involve ourselves deeper in our transformation and healing processes and take greater responsibility for our lives. Here are some important areas to consider for those people who want more out of life and seek a greater level of wholeness and happiness:

Self-Expression and Creativity

Creativity is part of everything. Whether you are building a business, decorating a home, writing a book, giving a presentation, creating artwork, painting, dancing, singing, sculpting or playing music, connecting to and freeing your self-expression is key. Having a creative outlet or two in your life will play a major role in your healing, joy and success. Make it a priority to free your heart and soul! Click here to read more about transforming your life through creative expression.

Energy Healing

Here you will find various methods and practices that are transformational and transpersonal, that go beyond traditional psychotherapy. You will find some key energy healing methods to support your personal and spiritual growth. These approaches are for people that want to fully participate in their own self-healing and self-actualize their lives. Energy healing methods embrace positive, holistic, mindfulness approaches, transformation and spiritual healing. Click here to learn more about how energy healing can help you create the life you want.

Physical and Mental Health

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Good physical and mental health supports all areas of your life and relationships.

We need strong, healthy physical bodies to sustain our growth and lives in the world. Physical and mental health are closely interconnected. Here are key areas that often go unaddressed by psychotherapists and doctors. Diet, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors can play a very important role in resolving both physical and mental health issues, such as anxiety, blushing, depression, insomnia, PTSD, pain, chronic fatigue, stress, and much more. Here are some important natural ways to improve both your physical and mental health: Click here to learn more about transforming physical and mental health.