Transforming Your Physical and Mental Health

We need strong, healthy physical bodies to sustain our growth and lives in the world. Physical and mental health are closely interconnected. Here are key areas that often go unaddressed by psychotherapists and doctors. These factors can play a very important role in resolving both physical and mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, inflammation, pain, chronic fatigue, stress, heart disease, and much more. Here are some important natural ways to improve both your physical and mental health:

natural food, fruit, supporting good physical and mental health

Natural foods support good physical and mental health.

Diet and Nutrition: There is not one diet for all. Diet can be very individual and also change during different periods of a person’s life. Very important is avoiding chemicals and additives, over-processed foods and too much sugar and junk food. Choose organic, naturally-raised foods. Supplement your diet with natural food-based and herbal supplements. Avoid chemical, synthetic-based supplements. Also, be certain they are high quality, as there are too many junk supplements on the market.

Adrenal and Thyroid Health: Adrenal and thyroid disorders and imbalances also can play a key role in mental and emotional health. It is wise to support these glands with a healthy diet and natural nutritional supplements. Click here to learn more ways of healing your adrenals and thyroid holistically.

Exercise: Daily exercise and some strenuous exercise 2-3x a week is key to keeping your body and mind healthy. There is a wealth of research and information already existing on this. Gyms and exercise classes are great, so are sports, hiking, yoga and dance, there are so many ways to exercise. Be sure to spend plenty of time outdoors in nature and sunlight.

Environment: The environments of our homes, bedrooms, offices, and anywhere we spend a lot of time has a strong affect on our health and well-being. You want your environment to not only be safe and comfortable, but to have a feeling of beauty and connection to nature. Colors are important. Feng Shui can make a great difference. You want to have natural things such as plants, animals or pets, stones and minerals. They bring good energy into your home and help keep you connected to nature. The use of natural fibers is important too.

Woman unable to sleep with depression and a possible neurotransmitter problem.

People suffering from Insomnia, depression and mood disorders often have neurotransmitter imbalances.

Neurotransmitters: An imbalance in neurotransmitters is often involved in issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and insomnia. Pharmaceutical medications attempt to resolve this issue, though often with side-affects or not very successfully. There are scientific natural solutions, such as Sanesco. I have personally used the Sanesco program successfully, as have clients of mine. You can read more about Sanesco testing and products here. You will also find very high quality, natural food and herbal-based supplements for all kinds of health concerns.

Electromagnetic and WiFi Pollution: Be sure where you sleep and wherever you spend a lot of time is away from large electrical devices and electric wires. The bedroom should be free of all electronics. Do not sleep with electric blankets. At night you want to turn off your WiFi. I have mine on a timer so I can set it and forget it. Place your cell phone on airplane mode if near your bed. And do not have clock radios within a few feet of your head.

young boy hugging a tree and grounding, earthing himself to nature.

Connecting with the natural living earth restores our bodies and minds.

Grounding and Earthing: Find a way daily to connect to the earth. Walk with bare feet directly on the earth, grass or even cement will help ground you. When moist or wet is best. If your basement or garage floor is unpainted cement, it will work. Our bodies need to be cleared of the positive ions we build up by connecting some part of our body directly with the earth, even our hands. Other factors that exacerbate this issue are the use of synthetic fibers, close proximity to electrical devices and wires, flying in airplanes and driving in cars. When you ground to the electron-enriched earth, it improves the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. There are many other health benefits. I suggest looking it up to understand it more fully.

Inspirational Media and Reading: We are highly affected by what we see, hear and read. We are literally programming and brainwashing ourselves and our children all the time through the media and internet. If you are interested in good health and reaching your highest potential, you will want to be careful what you expose yourself to. Experiment, see what happens when you choose to read, watch and listen to only positive, uplifting, inspiring, life-enhancing materials.

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